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Select a chat room below from the chat list. Our chat rooms are 100% free which means you'll never be asked to register unless you want to. All of our chat room features are free. If you want to make your own profile to let others know your interest, hobby's, likse and dislikes, you're more than welcome to register. By signing on a chat room you agree to be 18 years or older. Thank you for choosing Desi Free Chat for your online chat room needs!

Chat Radio

You'll notice the radio player near the chat room. The radio is free to listen to and if you have your own playlist that you're listening to, feel free to pause the player. Our online chat radio is meant to keep you entertained with the latest music in desi culture. Remember to have fun and to make friends. Also invite your regular friends to join in on the fun. Request songs while you chat and have a group trivia session with the DJ in control.

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Chat Features

While most chat sites will want to charge you to use their basic features, desi free chat does not. In our chat room we're firm believers in being able to use premium features at no cost. This means that in our chat room you have the option to use entertaining features as much as you want unlimited. We're committed to never charging our users to have fun. What kind of chat room would do that? Take a look at the free features we have available!

Text Based Chat

If you remember the old java chat rooms, yahoo chat rooms, aim chat rooms, and flash chat rooms, then you're most definitely familiar with the text based chat option. This comes standard in most chat rooms and is always free. This is basically the public and private chat rooms. Where you can have group discussions with multiple people at one time or with a singluar peron in private.

Video Chat Room

Since 2011 Video chat rooms have become the new standard in modern chat rooms. Modern chatting requires that you have video chat capabilities which means you can chat with another person in a group or private setting face to face. Being able to see the person you're talking to has become the most entertaining form of online chatting. Debuted by the big chat networks, this was one of the most engaging features. We offer free video chat rooms.

Audio Chat Rooms

Nothing can get your blood pressure to rise or drop faster than a audio chat room. While that might sound intimidating to most people, the regulars understand what we mean. Audio chat rooms let you hear the person you're talking to if they have their microphone enabled. Chatters with their audio devices plugged in and their mic's active can enjoy the luxury of letting the group know exactly how they feel at all times. This is a fun and funny feature for sure. One of our favorites.


Let the room know when you're happy, let them know when you're sad. Let someone know when you're winking at them, or frowning. Emoticons have changed the game. While most people can't read in-between the lines, it's easy to just let them know exactly how you feel by sending one of our custom emojis. Give your friends a thumbs up, and give the clown a thumbs down. Utilizing this fun feature is the foundation of a great time.

Be a room owner

Become a room owner and set the topic. Customize your room with your own moderators, your own topic, and your own rules. You set the stage and keep your friends entertained by utilizing our fun features and setting the standard as a chat room owner. Don't get fooled by cheap imitations. Our chat room provides 100% free chat rooms to people who register. It's super easy and the benefits are extraordinary.

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